Build Your 
PT Business Empire!

With Mandy Gibbons

I'm Mandy Gibbons, Business Strategist, Marketing, Mindset Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer and Fat Loss Transformation Expert. I help PT's and Fitness Entrepreneurs, just like you, STEP-UP, PLAY BIG, 
DIG DEEP, get SUPER CLEAR on YOUR business, marketing, branding, services, packages AND mindset.
So YOU can gain CONFIDENCE, take ACCELERATED ACTION, skip the B.S...
And fast-track your BUSINESS, MONEY AND ENTREPRENEURIAL GOALS... And do it with "soul"!

Y’know that feeling you get when you see 
PT's and Fitness Experts succeeding online, and wondering "what do they know,
that you don't?"

 How do they get the EXPOSURE, the CREDIBILITY, the income, the
LUCRATIVE clients?

YOU CAN ROCK this too, you just need someone to guide YOU step-by-step...
And show YOU "HOW!"...

If you're tired of sitting on the side lines... Are ready to step-up, PLAY BIG, and create results...

Then you are exactly where you're supposed to be at this very moment... Because this coaching is going to be a GAME-CHANGER for you!

No more running around, burning the candle at both ends with no direction...

Lets get YOU laser focused on creating your online PT Business Empire!

If you've just got certified as a PT, then "yes" this is ALSO a "must-do" for you too!
Right from the get-go, let's ensure you take the most time leveraged and effective steps to make your business GROW in a big way, bringing in new clients and making money! I'll show you how you can do that in a moment.

If you're a PT and feel like you and YOUR BUSINESS are not living up to the BEST version of YOU, to your full potential... that you know you can be, then let's get you on-track NOW!

No more screwing about, playing around, with things that are taking you in the wrong direction. This is about making the most of EVERY EFFORT you put into your business and career!

You don't need to be stressing about cancellations, working all kinds of crazy hours, only to have your income slashed by clients that don't respect you. Let's change this for you ASAP!

I'll show you how to create RESPECT, CREDIBILITY, awesome OUTCOMES and AMAZING relationships with your clients. So they're clambering to work with you, value your time and are excited to put into action the advice and training you share with them.

You want to build an PT Business Empire that represents YOU, who you are and what you stand for!

I'm here to help you do exactly that!

I'll be in your corner, "have your back", because I want you to absolutely SUCCEED, kick ass, reach those GOALS and beyond, BELIEVE in yourself in a way that you haven't before now...  and have the IMPACT you are so passionate about making... your purpose on this earth!

Let's get YOU CONFIDENT about putting yourself out there and absolutely owning how capable you truly are!
We'll knuckle down and hone in on getting you MORE clients that love to work with you, MORE exposure, MORE money, making the most of your time... And taking your business to that next level!


Working on YOUR Branding,
Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Credibility, Creating
Services and Packages that are UNIQUE to YOU!...  !

Let’s get you set up with a PT SUCCESS game plan, so you can step up in a massive way and move forward quickly

The PERFECT time is NOW! 


of Your 

  • STOP messing about trying to cater for everyone! Let's NARROW IN on WHO your most lucrative and highest potential client is. Clients that you love. And who you know you can genuinely create inspiring outcomes for. And make you the "GO TO" STAND OUT PT for your specific client!

    You want to know exactly who to market and advertise too, and be confident in saying "no" to people you're not passionate about working with and aren't a good fit for you.

    ...It's vital for you and your clients, that you love what you're doing and your clients too... And create an inspiring, exciting, life transforming experience for you both, that they'll be proud to tell their friends about. Referring new clients to you.

    Don't B.S. yourself into thinking that this is only for beginners in their business!... It's easy to let this slide.

    And "yes" even PT's with high level incomes can fall victim to this, wondering why they've stalled... As you change, as your business changes, often so can your specific client. 

    This is about helping you become renowned for genuine jaw dropping results for your specific clients, charging higher fees for your services... Making you more money, while creating amazing life-changing outcomes for your clients that you truly care about.

We'll Knuckle down, DIG DEEP,
get CLEAR on
on a SOUL level!

  • Branding is more than just a fancy logo with your favourite colours in it.

    Your BRANDING IS EPIC! We'll get it down on paper, so it empowers you and gives you strength and confidence in your business and services!  So you "get it, know it, feel it, it's part of you".

    Your Brand is specific, emotional, is clear on what you stand for, what you're an expert in, what you won't stand for, your unique personality the transformation experience that is EXCLUSIVE to working with YOU!

    When you're putting out your PR (Press Releases), Social Media posts, videos, photos AND yes content on your Website... Knowing your Brand will help you knock these out of the park!

We're going to CREATE Your Own UNIQUE process and system EXCLUSIVE to YOU and YOUR Clients.

  • This is about making YOUR expertise, your unique process, highly marketable.

    How often has a potential client, a colleague, a friend asked you exactly what you do? And you're left scrambling about trying to explain the whole scenario of how working with you works and what it involves.

    By the time you've finished you're exhausted. And the person you're talking too is often overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, because it sounded so complicated. What could've been a potential client, is now lost.

    Creating and knowing your unique process and system, exclusive to you, makes it much easier for people to understand exactly what you do with your clients. 

    It's a heck of a lot more EXCITING for your ideal client to understand the amazing transformation you create for someone, when it's set out in a CALM, CLEAR, CONFIDENT conversation that explains what you SPECIALISE in.

    This is about POSITIONING yourself as an EXPERT, creating an IMPACT on your MARKETING in INTERVIEWS and PR opportunities when asked "Why you're different to other PT's or Fitness Pros..." This allows you to explain HOW YOU STAND OUT in a crowded market.

Create Compelling Inspiring PACKAGES specific to your ultimate and ideal client!

  • I'm going to show you how to figure out why your potential client will want to sign up and work with you.

    You'll get extremely clear, dig really deep, way more than you EVER have before. On what your ideal clients struggles are, the outcomes they want to achieve, their big "why"... This is about creating the ultimate experience for your clients with your packages.

    We'll create your packages from the ground up, what they include, how you'll deliver them, pricing and marketing!

    The aim being so you can get those packages out there asap, promoting them and knowing you're creating an inspiring life adventure and journey for your clients while also charging what you're worth. This is SERIOUS, there's no holding you back! 



    Create a clear-cut plan, that's doable, actionable, that excites and drives you, that makes sense and takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be in your business.

    No more running around looking at what everyone is doing, feeling like you have to copy what they're doing.  No more fumbling around with hundreds of products or bits and pieces that don't make sense...

    I want you to be able to focus on YOUR OWN MOVEMENT, what your strengths are, YOUR EXPERTISE.  If you're not doing this already, you're overlooking an amazing asset to your Business... and growing your business.

    I'll help you set up a game plan strategy for what SERVICES you're going to OFFER and include your profit funnel.

    We'll base it on leveraging your time, how many hours you want to be physically working directly with clients. This is about helping you find the fastest way to make money and get more clients.


  • ​Let's get cracking on YOUR 12 month "Build Your PT Business Empire" marketing plan.

    You'll shock yourself what you can achieve in 12 months when you know exactly what to do, have a precise plan in front of you, that you can tick off the checklist and follow each day.

    You'll learn how to run PROFITABLE Events that your "audience" and clients can't wait to be a part of...They'll leave feeling inspired, ready to rock their goals, with the opportunity to upgrade to working with you one a 1;1 basis...

    Events can create lucrative pay days for you, I'll show you how to set them up and run them so that you know you're creating the best possible outcomes for your clients.

    Let's get you confident with REACHING OUT to the media for INTERVIEWS including: TV, Radio, Online Podcasts and Webinars and PITCHING yourself and your services!

    Learn how to have genuine sales conversations that convert inquiries into clients. This isn't about rail-roading people and using ball-busting tactics to get people to buy from you.

    I can show you how to sell without scaring people. And without scaring yourself. This is an inspiring conversation where you find out if someone is a good fit for your services. Giving you the confidence to say "no" to people you don't want to work with...

    And confidently saying "yes" to the people that you'd love to work with... So they feel at ease and know you're going to provide an awesome outcome for them.

How this inspiring coaching with Mandy works...

  • 1:1 with Mandy via Skype.  (Group Coaching and VIP Days are also available)
  • Your first coaching session will be a kick ass VIP Day with Mandy, so we can get you super clear on where you're headed with your business. And knuckle down and get cracking on BRINGING YOU some BIG BREAKTHROUGHS - especially if you're suffering from overwhelm!
  • Your Build Your PT Business Empire Coaching sessions, will be held every 14 days, for 45 mins. And you'll receive email and Facebook Message support. Along with assignments and accountability.
  • It’s going to be take-action, fun, inspiring, mind blowing… You’ll be so proud of yourself with what you’ve achieved throughout this coaching!
  • To apply for the "Build Your PT Business Empire" Coaching with Mandy... Please complete the form below. (scroll down)
    You'll receive an email from Mandy within 24 hours to make a time to chat with you about your business and working with Mandy.

What you'll need...

  • Internet Connection and Microphone
    For the VIP Day and Coaching Skype calls with Mandy. 
  • Skype
    You'll need skype. Make sure you check your microphone settings in skype before each coaching call and the VIP Day.
  • Positive Attitude and 100% Passion, Drive, Heart and Effort
    Bring your best "I can and I will" energy, be open, ready to learn, to have FUN with this... and to take your most inspired enthusiastic driven steps forward. I want you to throw yourself into this. Yes, you'll have to put in the work, yes, you will experience challenges... But I'm here to help you through this because I genuinely want to see you SUCCEED. 
  • The Ability to Take Notes
    You'll be provided with my specially designed Workbooks and Assignment Sheets in PDF and Word format so you can print them out, take notes. Make sure you've got a note pad and pen, or the ability to take notes on a device. I want you to soak it all in and implement - put this into action - immediately!

The "Build Your PT Business Empire 
Coaching With Mandy

If you'd love to set the ball rolling, scroll down to complete the application form below.  

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Once you've completed the form... You'll receive an email from Mandy within 24 hours to make a time to chat with you about your business and working with Mandy.

What People Are Saying About
Working With Mandy

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Holy Crap, Mandy! Can I just say that you are

Holy Crap, Mandy! Can I just say that you are "AH-MA-ZING!! I have no idea how to managed to do this and not make me feel like it was really hard work. You are truly an INCREDIBLE coach and inspiring person to work with! 

Kimley - CEO of her own holistic fitness apparel

“There are people who can help you grow and become successful with your business and Mandy is definitely one of those people”

There are people who can help you grow and become successful with your business and Mandy is definitely one of those people, but the thing that really makes her stand out is her heart.

She is one of those rare people who genuinely cares about others and their success. I have always felt her concern for me when she gave advice and that concern is sometimes the thing that makes all the difference.

She is great at evaluating what you are doing and pointing out not only what steps you should take next, but also seeing the places where you are creating unnecessary roadblocks and actually holding yourself back from being successful.

She provides solid actionable steps to help you achieve your goals and empowers you as an individual to become more secure in yourself and your capabilities. This ultimately makes you better at everything you do, both in business and in life.

Mandy has helped me become more confident in my abilities and enabled me to branch out and do more with my business than I originally believed was possible.

I used to feel restricted, as though I had to follow a set path, but now there is a world of possibilities and the challenge is deciding which ones I want to follow at this point in time. Where I used to see constraints, now I see potential opportunities and a lot of that has to do with Mandy’s special blend of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and true concern for others.

Ross - Personal Fitness Trainer
United States
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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