I'm Mandy Gibbons, Business Strategist, Marketing, Mindset Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer and Fat Loss Transformation Expert. I help PT's and Fitness Entrepreneurs, just like you, STEP-UP, PLAY BIG, DIG DEEP, get SUPER CLEAR on YOUR business, marketing, branding, services, packages AND mindset. So YOU can gain CONFIDENCE, take ACCELERATED ACTION, skip the B.S...And fast-track your BUSINESS, MONEY AND ENTREPRENEURIAL GOALS... And do it with "soul"!

What we're covering in the

Make sure you take notes... this is going to rock your PT Business Empire big time!

  • The biggest income and money mistakes you're making and how to turn them around so you can charge higher fees and provide premium services for your clients.
  • How to create amazing higher end PT packages that leverage your time and provide the best outcomes and experience for your clients.
  • What to do, and what to say, when people ask for mates rates and try to barter with you. Giving away your services for free, when you should and shouldn't.
  • How do deal with cancellations to ensure you're not losing income or time.
  • Being afraid to ask for the sale and selling your services. What you should do and how to handle that.
  • Your money mindset and keeping an eye on your incoming and outgoings. Simple free APP you can use to track your expenses and income.
  • Getting Clear on your goals and the massive impact that it has on the direction of your business and building your INCREDIBLE PT BUSINESS EMPIRE!
  • Getting super precise on who your ideal client is so you create amazing PT Packages for them.
  • Comparing yourself to other PT's and how to deal with that.
  • Coaching assignment from Mandy that you can apply to help you figure out your strengths, your qualities, your talents, so you can GET clear on who you are, what you are about, and how you are different from other PT's - to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Leveraging your time with your services.
  • Example: Higher end 12 week Premium Packages you can create asap, (I've given you the run down on them) along with prices for those services. And tips on how to make them really effective for amazing cash-flow for you and great results for your clients. Bringing you in nearly $14000 per month on top of your currently income. These are so doable, it's crazy.
  • If you're sick and tired of running $35 per head classes, where people pay by the hour and you're never sure if they're going to show up or not... And you have goals of being a higher end exclusive PT... You need to get onto this asap!
  • Example: VIP Days and Workshops for your audience and clients, where they spend the day with you... By getting laser focused on your clients and their struggles, I show you how to do that, you can create lucrative pay days for yourself. Up to $6000 for the day. Even if you made half that amount in one day, you'd be cracking open the champagne!
  • How to find people to sign up with you. How to get people to get to know you. How to put yourself out there - both online and offline.
  • Being scared of growing your business too big, because you're worried it's going to lose your personal touch and become cold and clinical? How to change your mindset and ensure it doesn't.
  • Simple to implement Joint Ventures you can set up to earn more income where there is already a crowd of people eager and ready to take your advice.
  • How to invest in yourself, but not blow money on stupid stuff, that doesn't bring you closer to your PT Business Empire growth goals. How and why all of this possible, and more...
  • How to get your EMPIRE Building mindset on track, so you can stay driven, motivated and succeed with growth in your PT business.
  • What action to take next, if you're not sure how to implement all of this. Let's get this happening for you!

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