Full Body Circuit Workout Video


Gift for you… Sexy, simple-to-follow, calorie burning Full Body Circuit Workout VIDEO. Step 1: Make sure you Warm up for 5 minutes. Step 2: Perform glute activation exercises and stretches. If you don’t know what that means then head here and get your hands on this program. Step 3: Perform the above full body circuit Step 4. […]



Being a Personal Fitness Trainer and Fat Loss Coach – and an awesome one at that (Yes, I can confidently and genuinely say that)… I’ve pretty much heard every excuse and reason to self-sabotage that you can possibly think of. From the ridiculous through to the most “out-and-out” of someone dis-respecting and devaluing themselves. I […]

Are you just tolerating your body?


For women, your body isn’t something that you should just be tolerating. It’s so much more than that. AND so very personal. It’s deeply emotional and you and I both know… That how we feel about our bodies, shows – we express it often without even realising it. It affects your every day life, how […]

What to do if you’re “over” doing fat loss food prep every week

You wake up with great intentions… “today’s food prep day!”… You mentally map out what food sources you’re going to wash, chop, container up for the week, so you’ve got the ingredients ready to go when you make your meals up during the week. HOWEVER… Your day doesn’t go to plan. Work crops up, your […]

How To Live A Fat Loss Lifestyle That Gets You Results

You’ve probably noticed that what I share in my emails isn’t the “norm” when it comes to fat loss. I love what I do, I’m passionate about it, I love creating a lifestyle for myself and my clients that supports fat loss and sexy lean muscle. I don’t care about all the crazy so called […]

“Mandy, how do YOU stay on track?”

I get asked all the time, “Mandy how do you stay on track, even with injuries, grief and other stuff that has cropped up for you over the past months”… I tell myself it’s ok if things don’t fall into place. I don’t expect myself to be perfect, because I’m not. As much as I […]

Get out of and back into Shape Update and Mayson’s Arrival!


This time last week I was at Brisbane airport (on the other side of Australia) excited, emotional and couldn’t wait to give our new adopted furry boy, Mayson, a cuddle. Brisbane Airport Mayson at Brisbane Airport I need to be careful here about Mayson’s past, but let’s just say that poor Mayson for most of […]

Week 5 Photos and Results – Get back into shape experiment


As promised, here’s my Week 5 progress photos. …And I’ve reduced my bodyfat by 3% If you’re not sure what my “Get OUT of shape / Get BACK into shape”  experiment is all about or haven’t been following this journey of mine… Here’s a screen grab from my first post on this experiment.. ————————————— ———————————— So I […]

The Fat Loss Success Secret I Wish I knew….


When I first started my journey years ago to transform my body – and started getting great results… it freaked me out a little. I’d become so used to failing, not being able to get lean enough, and lose that bodyfat that just wouldn’t budge… That the idea of actually achieving my fat loss goals, just didn’t seem possible. In […]

Eating plans and deprivation… Enough is enough!

eating plans and deprivation

This isn’t a rant per se, more just “putting it out there”… About eating plans and deprivation… I was at an appointment the other day and the topic came up about getting into shape – as it often does when you’re in a room full of women. One of the women mentioned that she had […]

When this happens then I will…


“I will start to exercise when — happens” “I will get into shape after I’ve —“ “I will start to lose weight when I —“ “I won’t be successful at — until I —“ Guess what? It’s happening now. What you want to achieve, the fat loss, the lean muscle, the great nutrition – the […]