About Mandy Gibbons and VFT…

Hi I’m Mandy Gibbons and Welcome to Virtual Fitness Trainer!  :-)

I’m a Personal Fitness Trainer, Fat Loss Transformation Coach and Workout and Accountability Coach. I specialize in creating and designing results based body transformation programs focusing on increasing fat loss (decreasing body fat), increasing lean muscle and improving your fitness and self esteem.

I take a different approach to Personal Fitness Training, along with training and nutrition, I work with my clients on motivation and mindset, showing you how to truly transform your body – mindset is so key to long term results. Addressing what it is that’s been holding you back with your past efforts.

Virtual Fitness Trainer (VFT) “officially” launched in 2000.

After working in the fitness industry in various health clubs and gyms, I was deeply concerned how often clients and members within them were mistreated – treated like they were just a number!

And anyone who knows me from back then, also knows I often went head to head with management of those gyms going into bat on behalf of members that were being mistreated. I felt sick to my stomach, disheartened and not to mention, frustrated that this was taking place! It went against everything I believed in.

It made me determined to provide an alternative and do things the way I felt they should be done. Giving clients a fun, positive, warm and compassionate approach to PT along with a supportive community and environment where I could provide quality advice and train clients to achieve their fitness goals, knowing that they’re genuinely valued and cared for.

After working in the fitness industry for over 16 years I’ve learned a great deal from my clients, members and visitors – and my mission, as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Fat Loss Transformation Coach and Workout and Accountability Coach is for VFT to always over-deliver to help you with your fitness journey.

My Qualifications…

College of Health and Fitness: Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness – Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association – Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Advanced Personal Training – Personal Fitness Trainer
Fitness Leader Course – Fitness Gym Instructor
Fat Loss Leader Course
Medicine Ball Training / Paul Check
Exercise and Pregnancy
Aqua Advantage

…And other courses along the way.

My mission for Virtual Fitness Trainer…

I absolutely believe that if you want to get into fantastic shape you need to bring out your “inner fitness awesomeness”

Sounds kind of woo woo right? Well it’s not. We all have inner desires about our fitness goals and achieving the body of our dreams. The problem is we run into roadblocks and we often let those roadblocks get in the way of what we want in life, including our goals for fat loss, lean muscle, sculpted arms, legs, butt and abs.

You can bet I’ll work my butt off to help you and I care deeply about you and are committed to not only getting you results, but also making achieving your fitness goals  fun, motivating and inspiring.

You Know Exactly What You’re Getting With Mandy and VFT

I’ll be the first to say that I’m a mix of passionate and compassionate.  A little bit of tough love but always genuine, caring, helpful, encouraging and honest. You’ll always know exactly what you’re getting with me, what VFT is about – and where we stand when it comes to fitness B.S. and hype – that’s right – it’s out the door.

Coming From A Personal Trainer – Who’s Been There and Seen All The B.S.!

Coming from a personal trainer, who’s seen the poor victim’s of fitness and weight loss scams and pills – it annoys the crap out of me! Before I got involved in fitness – many moons ago :) – I was one of those victims myself.

I know first-hand what it’s like to struggle with body fat, trying to figure what works, what doesn’t, and feeling like I’ve failed at my attempts to get into great shape. I know what it’s like to look at myself in the mirror and be devastated at the body and person looking back at me. I know what it’s like to fall into those pitfalls of being sucked into fads, looking for an answer – and it stinks! It was via education, experience, my own trial and error, and applying that, that I was able to learn how to truly transform my own body and then my clients.

I want to help you get past what you’re currently going through and coach you with what you really need to know to make your transformation work – and siphon out all the rubbish.

My commitment to you…

My commitment is to bring you the very best of my knowledge, my experience, my advice, what I continue to learn through my studies (ongoing education is so important), and to keep it real and honest as I go.

What I’m passionate about in life and via my work as a PT and Transformation coach…

  • I love coaching women (and men) and helping them create the body of their dreams. I’ve coached many clients over the years and it’s so exciting seeing their transformation take place and knowing that I had a hand in helping them achieve that.
  • I love to laugh, even poke fun at myself. I’m down to earth and am a great listener.
  • I don’t believe in cookie cutter programs for my clients, I truly believe everyone is individual in their own needs and desires. And I create my coaching clients programs around that.
  • You won’t see me putting my clients on crazy starvation diets or forcing them to do things they absolutely hate convincing them it’s all based on willpower, and it’s that or the highway.
  • I love spending time with my loving hubby, my furry babies (Arnie and Louie), my family and friends
  • I’m super passionate about Animal Welfare and Animal Rescue. This is very close to my heart. With so many awesome grass roots Animal Welfare and Rescue groups doing such wonderful work for the protection and care of animals from abuse and neglect, (many of them are run by volunteers who tirelessly), both VFT and MandyGibbons.com donate a portion of clients fees to Animal Welfare and Rescue groups. So we can continue to raise awareness and spread the love, support and care for animals.

And on that note… Welcome to VFT! It’s great to meet you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Hugs and warm regards



Mandy Gibbons
Virtual Fitness Trainer
PO Box 196
Willetton, Western Australia, 6955