How VFT is Going To Help You Kick Butt in 2011 – Our NO BS Fitness Cause!

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Hey All

You may not know that before becoming a fitness trainer…

I was overweight and constantly struggled, just like many others, trying to figure out what was a scam – and what actually worked. I’ve been there, done that – and it’s frustrating and it sux.


Working within the fitness industry over years has opened my eyes to all kinds of dodgy capers – and it makes me sick to my stomach!

That’s exactly what I want to help you with today…

By empowering you with top-notch knowledge so that you can fend off the BS, quit wasting your valuable time, and get on with focusing on what works!

To kick this off… we’re officially launching…

VFT’S NO BS Fitness Cause!

A cause? Yep…In fact I completed a You Tube video on it yesterday… take a look above!

Here’s the survey for it:


I regularly receive support emails with folk asking for help. They are confused, peeved off and don’t really know where to start.

And often they’re not specific about their fitness goals or what information they REALLY need. Because they’re drowning in fitness BS and uncertainty.

Back in early 2010 VFT VIP’S absolutely rocked with their participation in an awesome survey letting me KNOW what they wanted. And virtually all of those are currently being fulfilled or are being created.

But goals change and your needs change over 1 year.

It’d be wrong of me NOT to find out from you exactly what you need help with.


I understand you’re busy – who isn’t these days – but…

For me to help your fitness results rock – I need you to participate in this survey and VFT’s No BS Fitness Cause.

So we can scrap the fitness scammers rip-off’s and focus on what ACTUALLY works!

VFT is built around what VFT subscribers request, it’s as simple as that.

So it’s vital that you share with VFT – and me specifically – via the survey below!


VFT’s GREATEST ADVERSARY (VFT’s public enemy no 1) is fitness BS websites and shams – and its damaging effects and impact on folk worldwide.

I’m passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals. I don’t want you to have to put up with being inundated with crappy fitness cons.

As you can see I get pretty riled up about this topic… as do most VFT subscribers.

So simply head on over to the survey link below and tell me outright what you need from VFT, what you want to see more of, what changes you want to see in the fitness industry and how it would help you for those changes to occur.


If you want to help make a difference and fight the fitness scammers then tell your friendsand everyone you know – who is as passionate about this as you and I are.

Let’s ban together and kick the fitness scammers to the curb!

Talk to you soon!

Kind regards