30 Ways To Help You Reduce Body Fat and Get Into Shape!

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If you had good intentions to make the effort to get into shape, but just didn’t get around to it, then you may like to take note of the following simple steps on how to burn off some extra bodyfat by making some changes to the things that you do in your day to day routine.

Activate your Lifestyle to Reduce Body Fat!

1. Choose an activity for which you would normally pay someone to do and do it yourself. Such as:

a. Washing the Car
b. Mowing the Lawn
c. Walking your dog
d. Gardening

2. Make a conscious effort to add more exercise to activities that you thought might not be applicable:

a. Park further away from the shops so you can walk that bit extra.

b. When walking in general throw a bit of effort into your strides.

c. If you absolutely can’t stand cleaning the house, (a never ending chore) put on some of your favorite music (songs that makes you feel like dancing) and try and create an atmosphere that makes you feel more positive. You may find that not only does the house get cleaned faster but you also tend to put more energy into it.

3. You can burn more calories by adding more activity at work.

a. Use the stairs instead of using lifts or escalators.

b. Don’t email someone who’s within two offices of you go tell them the information that they require.

c. Get up off your butt and walk to the rubbish bin rather than just making pot shots and hoping it will land in right place.

4. Shop with a shopping list! So you don’t end up buying junk!

5. Never shop when you’re hungry!

6. Get creative! Start brainstorming and as you think of ideas for sensible “healthy” calorie meals write them down and stick them on the fridge.

7. Create a PLAN B. If you know that there are times when you’re likely to get side tracked with your eating then have a back up!

8. Stick with your food portions. Don’t go over the amount you know you should have.

9. Food preparation. Chop veggies, salads or fruit etc and place them in air tight containers in the fridge to save you time.

10. Always know what’s on the menu. Write down your menus a week ahead of time. So there’s no guessing when dinner time arrives.

11. At the beginning of the day pull the meat out of the freezer or get the ingredients together for your meals so that you don’t have to worry about it later.

12. Make extra and freeze it! When making main meals make extra and put servings in containers to freeze so you can pull them out in emergencies or on nights of the week when you know you just won’t have time to cook.

13. Make time to eat. Write your eating times down – every 2.5 to 3 hours and stick with them. I can’t tell you how important it is in your efforts to reduce body fat to ensure you don’t skip meals…

14. Don’t skip meals. The more meals you skip the hungrier you become thus encouraging cravings. Not to mention slowing down your metabolism!

15. Make your lunches “Easy to eat”. Especially if you don’t have access to microwaves where you work. Such as pita pocket bread with lean meat and salad or fresh sandwiches. Don’t forget red kidney beans as well, they’re great in salads!

16. If you do have cooking facilities (or a microwave) at work why not bring along last night’s healthy meal leftovers.

17. Uncomplicated recipes! If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have time to cook / or doesn’t know how… then don’t decide overnight to turn into a gourmet chef. Keep your meals simple to prepare and tasty. Then try new recipes gradually so you don’t get overwhelmed. Besides there are HEAPS of straight forward, no cook, recipes you can incorporate into your eating plan.

18. On the subject of “uncomplicated” use things like grills for your meat. And for your veggies you can use your microwave or a steamer to quickly cook your ingredients. If you prepare / chop your veggies ahead of time it will only take a few minutes to to whip up a quick veggie side dish.

Where possible use steamers to cook your veggies – rather than the microwave.

19. Include more salads in your meals. Salads are easy to prepare. If you’ve already got a few ingredients for your sandwiches in containers then you can throw them together for a quick garden salad.

20. Still short on time? Then use frozen veggies! They’re already chopped, and more often than not, mixed in with other veggies. With a little water you can steam them! If you don’t have time to cook or grill your meat then use canned tuna in springwater and easy lean protein sources for a nutritious fast meal.

21. Do you always get your portions muddled up? With your salads or veggies just chop the ingredients  into your portion sizes and place them into your containers. You can even portion your meat. When you come home from the supermarket cut your meat into your desired portions, cling wrap it and freeze it!

22. If you’re having dinner at a friend’s fill up on what you know is healthy then have a small portion of the “not so healthy” foods so you don’t feel like you’re missing out – or being rude – by not eating their meals. If you’re going to a restaurant ask the waiter for some advice on the meals on the menu or just phone the restaurant before you get there so you know ahead of time what healthy choices are available.

23. On your “cheat day”, or day off your eating plan,
try and stick with smaller portion sizes of the junk food you are consuming. At least this way you can ensure that you’re not overeating.

Workout! Will I or wont I?

24. Plan your workout times and stick with them. Just like your eating you need a routine to help keep you on track.

25. If you’re away on holidays make use of the gym facilities at the hotel you are staying at. You can always do a quick mini circuit workout consisting of tricep dips, push ups, abs and squats in your hotel room with no gym equipment required. In VFT’s Membership we have some kick ass workouts designed specifically for this.

26. If you get bored at home with your cardio put your bike, treadmill etc in front of the tv so you can be entertained while exercising.

27. Encourage your family to participate in a activity of some kind so you increase your fitness, burn calories and get into shape while also spending quality time with your family.

28. If you’re sick of your exercises – then change them. Get a new program.

29. Have your workout clothes and runners ready to go! Be prepared so you don’t get the opportunity to say “oh I can’t workout because I forgot my training gear”.

30. If you find that you need someone to train with to motivate you then get yourself a workout buddy!

This is just a handful of ways to help you reduce body fat and get into shape. If you stay focused and make things easier on yourself by following the above steps you will find that your results will be much faster and the road to a successful health and fitness program will be much smoother.

Yours in fun, health and fitness

© Mandy Gibbons
Virtual Fitness Trainer